"Many of Ball Publishing's books rely heavily on proper presentation of color photos of plants and their disorders. We gave Bay slides and got back great scans that represented accurately the colors and shades in the originals slides—and they even improved a few. They even took digital photos we had from the author and formatted and ehanced them. Bay also did the page design and laid out Tropical Foliage Disorders, and they worked very closely with a new printer in China to make sure their unique standards for printing were met. We have complete confidence in getting what we need with every project Bay works on."

Rick Blanchette
Managing Editor, Books
Ball Publishing


Tropical Foliage Disorders

by Lynn P. Griffith, Jr.

From the author of Tropical Foliage Plants comes Tropical Foliage Disorders, a guide to identification and treatment of pests, diseases, environmental disorders, and phytotoxicity in over 70 varieties of foliage plants. Arranged by genera, 352 photos highlight damage for on-the-spot diagnosis. It's an ideal tool to take into the field, greenhouse, retail area, or interiorscape. The disorders found in this volume were all diagnosed by A & L Southern Agricultural Laboratories. Lynn's consulting and diagnostic firm.

We enjoy working with Rick Blanchette and Ball Publishing. Their projects are always interesting and they are a great company with which to work. We are glad to have helped with Tropical Foliage Disorders and are sure it will be a useful resource for many.

Tropical Foliage Disorders, as well as many other titles published by Ball Publishing, Inc., can be purchased online at www.ballbookshelf.com. Here you’ll find an extensive collection of over 100 titles in the areas of bedding plants, plugs, perennials, woody plants, cut flowers, pests and diseases, greenhouse operations, retailing, marketing, propagation, foliage and palms, gardening, and herbs

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