Photo of Kopper, a puppy, at 5 months old.


Life is a series of moments. Sometimes, good graphic design is simply capturing the best moments and presenting them the best way. It takes committment to slow down and be aware of the opportunity that each moment presents. It also takes committment to learn how to capture those moments and use them in visual communication.

Good Design

Looking at an ad, brochure, or a page in a book, most anyone can tell instinctively if a design "works" or not. It may not be obvious why, but there is a definite feeling one way or the other. Underlying the presentation of text and graphics are guidelines governing perception. If followed the piece works, If not, your design can miss the mark and communicate less than what was originally intended.

Form and function

At its heart, good design takes into consideration the important balance between form and function. It helps the recipient, after being captured by beauty or originality, to grasp the intended message. The ultimate goal of combining graphics and text is to communicate your message.

What we offer you

Our goal is to offer you good design. Our commitment is to stay informed of syles, technologies, and trends that allow us to reach that goal. Ask yourself, "Do I want to pay good money to decorate my job with clip art, or illustrate my message using the principles of good design?"


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Generous Hearts and GEntle People book cover


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

–Steve Jobs

Kopper at 5 months.

Kopper at 5 months, clumsily exploring his way through "puppyhood".

Welcome Kopper. 8 weeks old.

Kopper, the newest member of the Bay Graphics' family and our "model" for Good Design.