"From my very first meeting with the Bay Graphics team, I felt that my book project was in good hands. Their sincere concern that my vision for the book become a reality was evident every step of the way, as we worked through detail after detail. The over-all book design, the page layouts, the font choices, the enhancement of fuzzy photos, the precise registration of colors-all details were meticulously attended to from beginning to end. The creativity, the patience and professional expertise of each member of the Bay Graphics team mean that I can highly recommend their services to others. But, most of all, I can vouch for the truth of their statements-"we love what we do" and "we sincerely care about the work you trust to us."

Thank you, Bay Graphics, for making our "Phoenix" fly!

Mary Paynter
Edgewood College
Madison, Wisconsin

Phoenix from the Fire: A History of Edgewood College

The history of Edgewood reflects the fabled story of the phoenix who rises from its own fiery death to new life. Over a long history, Edgewood has been “re-born” many times—whether from literal flames, as in 1893 after the burning of the Marshall-Washburn Villa, or figurative ones, as in the struggles to survive during times of war or in difficult economic cycles. This book traces the course of those fiery trials and re-births, from the 19th century to the 21st, from the time of Samuel Marshall and Wisconsin Governor Cadwallader C. Washburn to the present.

In 1881, Cadwallader C. Washburn gave his Edgewood Villa and 55-acre wooded estate on the shore of Lake Wingra to the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. After a tragic fire in 1893, which claimed the lives of three students, the Sisters rebuilt the school as Sacred Heart Academy. In 1927, Edgewood College was founded as a junior college for women with a two-year liberal arts curriculum. The senior college program began in 1940, and the first bachelor of science degrees were awarded in 1942.
History is still being made by today’s generation of students, faculty, and staff. Shortly after the beginning of the 2001 academic year, on the morning of September 11th, the nation and the world were shaken by the events of “9-11.” At Edgewood College, as the news spread quickly, clusters of people gathered around TV sets. In halls and offices as well as in classrooms, professors, students, and staff struggled together to seek to understand the tragic events and move beyond their immediate feelings of horror, anger, and fear. True to its core values, the community reached out to one another as “heart spoke to heart.” Prayer services, teach-ins, class discussions, and counseling responded to the deep human needs of those days, as had always been done in intense moments of fiery crisis experienced in the Edgewood community.

This book tells some remarkable stories of the events and lives that have shaped that community. “Like gold tried in the furnace,” the history of Edgewood College is one of recurring struggle and success, of low tides and high, of cycles of death and re-birth. It is a colorful and ultimately hopeful story of providential events and valiant people, reflecting Governor C. C. Washburn’s family motto, Persevera et confide in deo—colloquially translated as “Stick and hang!”

Phoenix from the Fire may be ordered directly from paynter@edgewood.edu. The price is $25.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.


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