flower art to illustrate printing file preparation process.


From the beginning of each project we are thinking about the end. That's the important part, the end result. Everything in between is finding the best way to a successful end – matching the final product to your original idea.

Getting it right

Desktop publishing has been around long enough for certain things always to be true. For example, if your project is CMYK, then all the files that make up the final piece should also be CMYK. The photos from Photoshop, the art from Illustrator and your color palette in your page layout program should all be CMYK; not spot and not RGB, CMYK. Getting it right from the beginning makes it right for everyone.

Thinking about the end makes it possible to plan the beginning. Know the process. Know the requirements for that process, and you'll know how to begin.


We're thinking about you and how important your project is to you. We're thinking about how it will be finished; whether we finish it here, send to Quebecor, Banta, or a printer in Hong Kong. We're thinking about the people down the line who will also work on your project. If we consider them, we can try to make your work easier for them so they concentrate on doing a good job rather than solving problems passed on to them. When we consider everyone, everyone wins.

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Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.

–Abraham Lincoln