Heidelberg DI printing press


The Heidelberg Direct Imaging press allows us to go directly to press with your digital files. The plates are imaged right on the press. Direct imaging delivers waterless offset quality in resolutions as high as 2540 dpi. It accepts sheet sizes from 3.5 X 5.5 inches to 13 X 18 inches in a variety of paper stocks. Because it work so efficiently, Direct Imaging expands your color horizons. Use it to print–in full color–projects that previously had been restricted to black-and-white or spot color due to time or budget restrictions. Direct Imaging uses no film, no film processing chemicals, no plate making solutions, no toners and no dampening chemicals. So every sheet you print on is a plus for the environment. Call us for a quote today! 262-275-6285

High Speed, Short Runs

Things change so quickly that sometimes not wise to print hundreds of copies of a manual or handbook when you know it will have to be updated in six months or less. The answer, high-speed, short runs. They can be punched, stapled, or loose. Why store more than you need? Why pay for more than you need? Call us about High-speed, Short runs.

Large-format printing

"The soul never thinks without a picture." Does that mean our soul can think big with a big picture? Maybe. It can't hurt, and the quality of today's large-format printers is amazing. By using a good-quality original the results are truly beautiful.

What is it that you want to say? A picture's worth a thousand words you know, and a big picture, well who knows?

Currently our maximum width is 24 inches to most any length. Your picture can also be mounted on form-core or laminated. Call for pricing.


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Ball Publishing

"Many of Ball Publishing's books rely heavily on proper presentation of color photos of plants and their disorders. We gave Bay slides and got back great scans... (Read more).

Tropical Foliage Disorders book cover.


The soul never thinks without a picture.


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